Availability of sTog Palace Manuscript Kanjur on CD-ROM

Jonathan Silk silk at HUMNET.UCLA.EDU
Wed Apr 28 23:02:44 UTC 2004

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Almost exactly a year ago I had to pleasure to announce the
availability from Gene Smith's Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
(TBRC) of the CD-ROM  publication of the Derge Kanjur, and then
subsequently of the Tanjur from the same printing house. (These two
collections are, of course, still available.)

Now it is once again my pleasure to announce the publication of their
next big canon project--the sTog Palace Manuscript Kanjur on CD-ROM,
containing pdf files scanned directly from the re-print edition of
this so-called Western Kanjur. The price for the set is, once again,
as it was for the Derge Kanjur, a mere $195.

As before, direct your inquires to http://www.tbrc.org.

I might also mention that the same TBRC has also made available the
collected works of a number of scholars, including those of Tsong kha
pa, Taranatha, Bu ston and many others. The prices for these vary
according to the size of the materials included on the discs, but all
are as close to free as you are likely to find this side of the Pure
Lands (where, presumably, one has no need for CD-ROM since the sounds
of the Dharma are constantly wafting through the air anyway...).

With apologies for cross-posting to H-Buddhism and Indology, JAS
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