mummification in India

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There is an interesting epic-pur-a.nic testimony on mummification in the
story of the Nimi.
See Rm 7, App. I no. 8, ll. 189-212 (= Bombay ed. 7,57.9-20; cf. also the
indian commentaries ad loc.) and ViP 4,5.9 (cf. the note of Wilson's
translation ad loc. adding another reference about mummification from the
SkP K-a/s-ikha.n.da), where, moreover, the mummified body of Nimi is used
as and shaked (MATH), from which is born his son Mithi the
Vaideha/Janaka (cf. V-aP 89.5 = B.dP 2,3,64.5, or Kirfel's PPañc 338,98.5).

>Mummification of suitably holy Buddhist individuals is not uncommon in
>Tibet, China, Korea and Japan.  Though I suspect that the answer will be
>negative, was mummification ever done anywhere in India ?
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>Stephen Hodge

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