Hello Patrick

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at UMICH.EDU
Wed Nov 12 01:50:40 UTC 2003

I am sorry to tell you that I cannot submit an article for the Dharma volume of the JIP.  The bulk of my books are still boxed in, and it is going to be several more weeks until I have full access to my own books and files.  
Additionally the administrative responsibilities this semester are rather time-consuming and take priority over my personal desire to complete articles etc. Several promotion committees with deadlines in the first week of December. There is no point in keeping you waiting for my article.  In December, I am reading a paper at a conference in Delhi on "Revisiting the notion of Zi.s.ta in Bhart.rhari" and my paper does deal in part with the notion of Dharma, though there is much more to the notion of Dharma in Vyakarana, and some day I will get to it, but cannot do it now.  I hope you will excuse me.


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