Svastika: history and interpretation

Richard Salomon rsalomon at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
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An interesting but little-known essay on this topic is W. Norman Brown's The
Swastika: A Study of the Nazi Claims of its Aryan Origin (New York: Emerson
Books, 1933).

Richard Salomon
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Subject: Svastika: history and interpretation

> Dear Friends,
> A filmmaker I know is beginning a project centering on the svastika; in
> particular, she seeks to dramatize the various meanings it has borne in
> long history, and the various groups which have adopted and reinterpreted
> it.  She is interested in the broadest range of interpretations and uses:
> its oldest roots in India (as well as any older roots), its history in
> and elsewhere, its adoption by Nazis, and its current use among (esp.
> neo-fascist) groups in contemporary India.
> She is currently seeking literature about the above issues as she develops
> the film's treatment.  She would also be interested in speaking
> with/emailing any scholars who have expertise in any of these areas.  Any
> assistance would be appreciated.  Many thanks in advance.
> Peace,
> Christian Wedemeyer
> University of Copenhagen

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