sabdasakti in Nyaya Philosophy

Peter M. Scharf Scharf at BROWN.EDU
Wed May 7 21:31:31 UTC 2003

The second of three major chapters in my book The Denotation of
Generic Terms in Ancient Indian Philosophy deals with the meaning of
common nouns in Nyaya philosophy and an appendix translates most of
the relevant sutras.  The Bibliography and introduction will refer to
other sources.

The Denotation of Generic Terms in Ancient Indian Philosophy:
Grammar, Nyýya, and M“mýßsý. Transactions of the American
Philosophical Society, vol. 86, part 3. Philadelphia: APS, 1996
(revised Ph.D. diss., University of Pennsylvania, 1990).

The Ph. D. dissertation of Bruce Perry at the University of
Pennsylvania concerned commentaries on the first sutras of the Nyaya
sutra but would be important to consult.
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