[RISA-L] new EJVS 9-1 : Soma - Haoma (Special Issue)

Michael Witzel witzel at FAS.HARVARD.EDU
Wed May 7 16:58:28 UTC 2003

We are are happy to announce the release of Vol. 9 of the Elect. Jour. of
Vedic Studies.

EJVS 9-1  (May 2003) is a special issue, edited by Jan Houben, dealing with
the vexed Soma (-Haoma) question.

The email version (in Kyoto-Harvard transcr.) has been sent out over the
past two days; it will appear on our website shortly:

Other versions (with standard diacritics) to follow.


Note: The Soma-Haoma issue of the EJVS, of which this is the first part,
presents the direct and indirect outcome of a workshop on the Soma-Haoma
problem organized by the Research school CNWS, Leiden University, 3-4 July


1. The Soma-Haoma problem: Introductory overview and observations on the
discussion (J.E.M. Houben)

2. Report of the Workshop (J.E.M. Houben)

3. Report concerning the contents of a ceramic vessel found in the "white
room" of the Gonur Temenos, Merv Oasis, Turkmenistan (C.C. Bakels)

4. Margiana and Soma-Haoma (Victor I. Sarianidi)

5. Soma and Ecstasy in the Rgveda (George Thompson)

6. Contributors to this issue, Part I



HTML and  PDF versions to follow in due course.

Enjoy! MW
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