HTML version of M-W Skt-Eng Lexicon Updated

Richard Mahoney rbm49 at EXT.CANTERBURY.AC.NZ
Fri Mar 28 21:58:35 UTC 2003

Dear Colleagues,

The HTML version of M-W Skt-Eng Lexicon has been updated since its
initial release on 25 Jan.. Changes include:

 i)   Velthuis transliteration converted to utf8 (incl. works
       and authors &c.)
 ii)  sundry corruption removed
 iii) spacing adjusted to improve readability

Please refer to the following for:

 a) general information:

 b) a README:

 c) an archive of the complete lexicon:

Users can now submit corrections and remarks on this form:

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney

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