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I am attempting a critical edition (and translation) of Candraananda's commentary on the Vai"se.sika-suutra. With prof. Harunaga Isaacson's kind help I now have copies of 3 MSS. According to his PhD thesis, there are two more MSS.

  1.. Does anybody have a copy of these? Or, could somebody help me with contacts to the libraries where they are kept?

  2.. Is anybody aware of further (possible) MSS somewhere?

The MSS I need are:

  1.. Isaacson's "S1 = Jambuvijayaji's O: MS in the Oriental Institute, Baroda, no. 1831h, "Saaradaa script, folios 6r -- 41v.

  2.. Isaacson's "S3: MS in the Scindia Oriental Institute, Ujjain, no. 4635, "Saaradaa script, folios 22r -- 35r.

(The MSS I already have are:

  1.. Isaacson's J1 = Jambuvijayaji's P: MS in the L.D. Institute, Ahmedabad, Jaina Devanaagarii script.

  2.. Isaacson's J2: MS in the BORI, no. 99 of 1873-74, Jaina Devanaagarii script.

  3.. Isaacson's "S2, MS in the BORI, no. 403 of 1875-76, "saaradaa script.)

Thank you for any hint,


Ferenc Ruzsa PhD
assoc. prof. of philosophy
Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest
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