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Muneo TOKUNAGA mtokunag at BUN.KYOTO-U.AC.JP
Mon Mar 3 09:37:32 UTC 2003

Dear Dr. Reinhold Gruenendahl

Gruenen> In a way, that's just what GRETIL was intended for. A "news centre"

Thank you for your reply. I find GRETIL is quite useful as a register
of available e-texts in Indian languages. Also, I agree with your
principles such as ``plain text file preferable,'' ``a scholarly
reference aid for a given text,'' etc. for e-texts.

I guess you pay a good attention to various sites in the world
perpetually, and we owe you for it. (the Divyaavadaana is already in
it, although I have not reported to the net yet. But it misses the
Zakuntalaa.) I will inform you directly when I release a revised
version of an older e-text or a new e-text on my site:
http//tiger.bun.kyoto-u.ac.jp/mtokunag/skt_texts. I hope others, too.

Gruenen> registering - and perhaps coordinating - all ongoing activities could
Gruenen> be set up in no time at all. In case anyone is interested, please let
Gruenen> me know.

Do you mean you have no idea of such a ``new center'' in Goettingen?
It is almost necessary for those who who work on a new e-text, but, I
admit, it's not easy to register, let alone, to coordinate ongoing
activities of digitization in the world --- a topic in WSC12?

Gruenen> One more thing: Some of you may have noticed that all GRETIL files
Gruenen> have at last been converted to UTF-8. However, I'm not so sure

No problem for a general user like me.

So much on this net.
With best regards,

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