Mughal History and Akbar

Sumit Guha Sumit_Guha at BROWN.EDU
Mon Jun 23 15:57:36 UTC 2003

  As no one else has written, I venture to suggest Irfan Habib ed. Akbar
and His Times ICHR, Delhi 1996(?)
The authority on the religious life of the Mughal era is Saiyad Athar Abbas
Rizvi, with many publications to his name. Directly relevant is _Religious
and Intellectual History of Muslims in Akbar's Reign 1556-1605_ Delhi 1975

His two volume _History of Sufism_  Reprint, Delhi 1997 is well worth
consulting too.

Sumit Guha,
Department of History, Brown University

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>>Dear Colleagues:
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>        I'm interested in hearing people's responses as to what they consider
>the best work on Mughal history. I am also interested more particularly
>in references to works which deal in some detail with Akbar's
>din-i-Ilahi religion.
>        Many thanks in advance for any references given.
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