Svastika - Indology thanks

Christian K. Wedemeyer wedemeyer at HUM.KU.DK
Tue Jun 17 09:58:57 UTC 2003

Dear Friends,

My filmmaker associate has asked me to pass along the following note.
Many thanks from me, too, for the generous help!



>Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 17:55:16 +0200
>Subject: Svastika - Indology thanks
>This is to thank all those people who responded to the posting
>regarding Svastika: history and interpretation.  These include:
>Valerie J Roebuck
>Peter M. Scharf
>Richard Salomon
>Carola Ehlers
>Reinhold Grünendahl
>Allen W. Thrasher
>The sources will be most helpful in researching the history and
>interpretation of the svastika.

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