zantanu cakravartin and the devImAhAtmya

Alex Passi a.passi at ALMA.UNIBO.IT
Wed Jun 11 13:06:05 UTC 2003

Dear Colleagues,

Does anybody have any information on zantanu cakravartin, of the
tomara family, author of the zAntanavI commentary to the devImAhAtmya?
This TIkA was printed along with six other commentaries by the
Nirnaya Sagara Press in 1894 (see India Office Cat. vol 2, part 1, p.
743), then reprinted in 1988, Chaukhamba Sanskrit Pratisthan (still
available on the book market).
The manuscripts of the same are listed in the NCC, vol. 9, p. 149A. I
have no further data on these, but they cannot be earlier later than
the 1879-80 BORI Catalog!

Best wishes,
Alex Passi

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