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Yaroslav Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Tue Jun 10 17:51:06 UTC 2003

Dear Petteri,
        as you can guess, I failed to meet the mid-May deadline. I am
working on the article all the time, will finish it probably in a week
or two, but I can not any more ask you to wait. I shall send you the
text as soon as it is ready, and if it will be too late, I shall
publish it elsewhere. But in any case first I shall send it for advice and critique
to the same people whom you would probably ask to make the assessment: John,
Mislav, Jim, Angelica Malinar...
        The work on my own article in its turn delays my assessment work.
I hope to start is as soon as the article (draft version) will be ready.

2. I was happy to recieve from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research the news that
they give me a travel grant. But when I inquired today what the sum
of financing will be, I learned that they are ready to refund me the
cost of bus tickets only (60 Euro). So I am going to Helsinki (and
before it - to Bonn) practically on my own. Now I regret that I have already sent the
booking fee and the cost of one night stay at Eurohostel single room to the Congreszon.
Could not you inquire is not there still any chance to rearrange it and to use the money
for booking a place in that cheapest hostel you told me about? I would be glad
to share a room with Nikita Gurov. But I understand that it is hardly possible now.

        Thank you very much for your hard work in all the fields,

Wed, 21 May 103 18:05 +0300 MSK Petteri Koskikallio wrote to INDOLOGY at liverpool.ac.uk:

> The web-site of the 12th World Sanskrit Conference has recently been
> updated. The address is still the same, i.e. the following:
> http://www.helsinki.fi/hum/aakkl/12wsc
> The pages contain a tentative timetable of the conference week, list of
> participants & titles of their papers, and much more practical
> information. We plan to update the list of participants a few times
> before the conference week in July.
> Petteri Koskikallio
> Conference Secretary
Yaroslav Vassilkov (yavass at YV1041.spb.edu)
Institute of Oriental Studies
Tue, 10 Jun 103 20:14 +0300 MSK

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