Preliminary bibliography focused on "Saantideva

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Dear Colleagues,

[I apologise to subscribers to H-Buddhism for cross posting]

Drawing on Gomez[1], Potter[2] and Tsukamoto et al.[3], together with
my own notes, I have collated a preliminary bibliography focused on

The bibliography is divided into sections:

 1) Manuscripts & editions

 2) Translations

 3) Secondary literature

It is my hope that these details might form the basis for an accurate,
up to date database of materials concerning "Saantideva. A form is
available for the submission of corrections and additions:

If you notice any mistakes in the BibTeX databases, or know of papers
not included, please do not hesitate to use this form.

Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney

N.B. the HTML was automatically generated from BibTeX databases using
`bibtex2html' ( In not a few
cases the HTML less than optimal. The details in the BibTeX databases
should be given priority.


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