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Aru.nagirinaatha is a Keralan commentator probably writing between 1350--1450.
See the article 'Textual Criticism of Raghuva.m"sa on the Basis of
Aru.nagirinaatha's Commentary', in Vishveshvaranand Indological Journal 21
(1984), p. 154 (with references to a discussion of A's date in an earlier
publication by Ullur S. Parameswara Iyer).

Aru.nagirinaatha's is indeed a very interesting and valuable commentator.

Harunaga Isaacson

Harunaga Isaacson
University of Pennsylvania

Quoting Christophe Vielle <vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE>:

> Dear colleagues,
> Can somebody tell me the approximative date/place of origin of
> Aru.nagirin-atha the commentator of the Raghuva.m/sa, and if there is an
> edition of his commentary (unfortunately we have not yet in our library the
> first volume of Goodall & alii's Raghuva.m/sa new edition, which certainly
> answers to my question). I discovered extracts of his commentary quoted in
> T.K. Ramachandra Aiyar 's student edition of K-alid-asa's work (one canto
> by fascicule) published in the "Sanskrit study made easy series" in Kerala.
> I found also that C Panduranga Bhatta conducted researches on the
> Raghuvam/sa in the light of this commentary during the eighties, but I do
> not know if this scholar published something thereabout.
> The commentary appears to be good: in 2.35, for example,  when the poet
> alludes to  a certain Nikumbha, Aru.nagirin-atha gives what seems to me the
> most relevant explanation, contra the one proposed by Vallabha (but with
> the same reading as him), while Mallin-atha says nothing.
> Thank you very much for your help
> Dr. Christophe Vielle
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