Mahabharata as sheet-anchor of bharatiya itihaas

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Subject:Mahabharata as sheet-anchor of bharatiya itihaas: Colloquium <

deliberations, 2

Mahabharata as the sheet-anchor of bharatiya itihasa<BR>


This URL provides links to the deliberations of the International Colloquium

held in Bangalore on 5 and 6 Jan. 2003 on Date of Kurukshetra War <BR>

based on astronomical data. More links on the presentations made during the colloquium will be included to present all contributions, as soon as the digital versions of the papers become available from the scholars and scientists-In my view, the seminal paper was that of Dr. BN Narahari Achar who has established the internal consistency of almost all the astronomical references contained in the Critical Edition of the Mahabharata. Of course, more work has to be done to iron out the text variants and commentaries of Vadiraja and Nilakantha and relate the chronologies to the chronologies of, for example, Aryabhat.iya and (Kaus'i_taki_ and S'atapatha astronomical
references). The date of start of the war is Nov. 22, 3067 BCE. Sky inscriptions or celestial epigraphs are observed by Veda Vyasa and recorded in the epic with extraordinary fidelity. This document thus becomes the sheet-anchor of Bharatiya Itihaas and with a
historiography unparalleled in any historical texts in any
civilization anywhere in the world, recording the chronology of events to the accuracy of a
tithi, nakshatra and solstice, apart from the observations of
celestial events such as comets and meteor-showers and of course, planetary

constellations and lunar-solar-eclipse sequence within a month, as they constitute the most

accurate clock of the times.

The next steps: 1. Resolving some observations made by scholars in future colloquia; 2. Mahabharata planetarium project and 3. resolving astronomical  references in other ancient texts of Bharat using modern-day technologies which have planetarium software to desk-tops.

Indeed, we have two technologies: 1. satellite imagery analysis <BR>

which help

validate the geographical and geo-physical data of the epics; 2. <BR>


software which help validate the astronomical data contained in the <BR>

epics and Brahman.a-s.

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