lion - "five-faced"

Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA
Tue Jan 14 18:58:06 UTC 2003

On 2003-01-14 07:32, "Allen W Thrasher" <athr at LOC.GOV> wrote:

> I thought prapanca had something to do with the splitting into the five
> elements.

In that case the stem would have been a consonantal one, that is,
prapa;ncan, and we would have come across a grammarian writing a deletion
rule for the final n. Besides, prapa;nca does not at least commonly occur in
the company of five elements, and compounds of pra with a numeral as the
second member do not seem to exist (e.g., I have not come across words like
pra-dvi or prada;sa).


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