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I agree with Vielle.It may be noted that this is the centenary year of the starting of publication of the Trivandrum Sanskrit series.Any help in this regard including making available rare copies can be extended.
K.Maheswaran Nair,
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From: Christophe Vielle <vielle at ORI.UCL.AC.BE>
Date: Thursday, January 9, 2003 2:02 pm
Subject: Re: facsimile editions

> I would suggest:
> W. Kirfel's Pur-a.na Pa?ncalak.sa.na;
> and all the old editions in the Bibliotheca Indica series, the
> TrivandrumSanskrit series (only some of them have been reprinted
> by Nag or
> Munshiram), the K-avya m-al-a series or without-series of the Nir.naya
> S-agara Press in Bombay (also only a few reprinted in India) and
> the Bombay
> Sanskrit series. The full availability of such important series is a
> desideratum for individual Indologists as well as for "young"
> universitylibraries (even the old university libraries could be
> interested to buy new
> exemplars of them).
> >Dear colleagues,
> >
> >I have been asked to suggest items for publication in the form of
> >facsimile editions, and wonder if members of the list might be in a
> >position to help.
> >
> >There are no specific criteria except that the resulting book(s) will
> >have a good market in international academic and other particular
> >specialist libraries worldwide, and any additional readership
> that the
> >particular volume(s) might have.
> >
> >There is particular interest in printing editions of original
> Sanskrit>manuscripts or out-of-print classic Sanskrit texts, in
> order to issue
> >these for wider readership worldwide.
> >
> >The format would probably be: a facsimile of the original text
> >(manuscript or printed text), together with a translation on the
> facing>page or as the second part of the volume.
> >
> >Suggestions should go directly to Sarah Lloyd, Commissioning
> >Editor, Ashgate Publishing Ltd (SLloyd at Ashgatepub.co.uk).
> >
> >Thank you,
> >Julia Leslie
> >
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