colour of biestings of Indian cow???

Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 12 01:52:42 UTC 2003

The freshly pressed Soma is in the .RV
occasionally referred to with the term piiy/
'biestings' (i.e. the milk of a cow the first few
days after calving; it contains special nutrients
and protective/purifying substances needed by the
calf only in its first few days). The term is
sometimes cited as a reason to believe that the
Soma must have had a milky nature of its own,
i.e. even before being mixed with cow's milk.
(Even though even dh/ii thoughts are "milked" in
the Veda so that the insistence on literalness is
not compelling.) Hence this would point in the
direction of a plant with milky juice, and
constitute an argument against ephedra, one of
the current main candidates.
HOWEVER, according to a thoroughly acquainted
relative, the biestings of a cow may have all
kinds of colours, green, reddish, etc. but is
normally not milky white. This does not apply to
e.g. the first milk of a goat after getting a
kid. My question: does anyone know whether the
Indian cow's biestings is milky white or
Thanks, Jan

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