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Mon Feb 10 16:04:24 UTC 2003

Thansk to all who have sent such fascinating replies ot my query.
I must get Dave's book. Anyone who can do that at age 99 has to be admired.
I am aware of the differecnes between folk naming and ornithological
classification, an ddo not expect everything to be one to one in any source.
After all, in Indian art and probably literature, e.g., tigers and lions are
often named the same--sher. In a Panchatantra painting of the first frame
story from that work, 18th c miniature, of the confrontation or meeting
between the white bull and the lion, the lion in this picture is clearly a
striped tiger.
I do have a bird book by Salim Ali.
> When you read the cover and preface of Dave, it turns out that the man
> was 99 years old when he finished it and had worked on it many many
> years. ...........By the way, zoological
> information about Indian birds can be find in the books of Salim Ali
> Regards
> Klaus
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