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Jan E.M. Houben j_e_m_houben at YAHOO.COM
Mon Feb 10 10:10:56 UTC 2003

On translations and esp. the
(non)translatability/(non)identifiability of Skt.
animal names (cf. the eight-legged zarabha!) see
Francis Zimmermann's "Junglebook" I think the
title was The jungle and the aroma of meats,
english version appeared ca. 1987, Berkeley,
Univ. of California.
--- jkirk <jkirk at SPRO.NET> wrote:
> Not being an expert, I still try. Can anyone
> point me to a Sanskrit source
> that gives translations into English of animal
> names in Skt to their common
> or biological or both names in English?
> Not much of Indian birds or flowers in
> Monier-Williams it seems, nor on the
> Capeller online or Cologne online lookup
> machines.
> Thanks
> Joanna Kirkpatrick

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