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Sat Feb 8 23:38:23 UTC 2003

From: Nobumi Iyanaga <n-iyanag at ppp.bekkoame.ne.jp>
Date: Sat Feb 8, 2003  7:51:53  AM US/Pacific
Subject: Update of Asian Diacritical Fonts and Unicode Page [Mac]


I would like to annouce that I updated my web page entitled "East Asian
Diacritical Fonts and Unicode". Here are some excerpts from that page:


Now that Unicode begins to be used very largely in personal computing
environment and Internet, it becomes important to be able to convert to
Unicode files that have been created using "legacy codes". In general,
this is not very difficult -- for the Mac environment, we can use
utilities like Cyclone or TEC OSAX to do such tasks. It is even
possible to convert to Unicode files of multilingual text (written
using Apple's different language kits), if we use TEC OSAX (on these
issues, please see my other web page "Unicode and MacOS, and Code
converters"). But this becomes very hard when the texts to be converted
use non standard fonts for transliteration of Asian languages, such as
Times_Norman or Hobogirin, which have vowels with macron, etc.

Tables of correspondences

This is why I created tables of correspondences for some of the most
used fonts among scholars...


Now, you can download from my page conversion tables for the following

Appeal                                  (you can download the font itself)
ITimesSkRom                             (you can download the font itself)
TimesCSXPlus TTF

You will find also MacPerl converters for files written in these fonts
into Unicode; and some other conversion tools and tips.

I hope this will be useful for some of you.

The URL is:

Best regards,

Nobumi Iyanaga

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