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Fri Feb 7 00:16:09 UTC 2003

Kenneth Zysk wrote:

I would greatly appreciate publication and other information about the
following texts:

Garbhasûtra / Garbhâvakrânti-Sûtra

Curious serendipity -- I was just looking for some info in one of your books
so let me help you in return.

I am not sure about the first text -- it seems like an abbreviated title,
possibly for the second work which is the
Aananda-garbha-avakraanti-nirde'sa, included in the Ratnakuu.ta collection
of suutras.  I don't think there is any Skt surviving but it can be found
both in Tibetan (D 57) and Chinese (T310/14).  Also I am not aware of any
translations in Western languages but who knows ...
You should also note that here is similar materal included as the latter
part of the Pitaa-putra-samaagama, also included in the Ratnakuu.ta and
quoted in part in the 'Sik.saa-samuccaya for which, of course we have the

Hope this helps,

Stephen Hodge

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