insects in bamboo and palm leaf

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Is there any reason why the bamboo items could not be irradiated? The US
Dept of Health could advise on irradiation. JK

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> > Does anyone have experience whether insects that attack bamboo items may
> move
> > over to palm leaf materials, and how to deal with them?  Any
> A somewhat general description of various insects and what they do to mss
> (pp. 79-82) along with a number of remedies (pp. 83-86) as practised in
> various Indian libraries is given by Murthy. However, the book contains
> nothing specific about bamboo-materials and does not specifically mention
> the powder post beetle. It might not be very helpful for your case. For
> general information, the book also contains an interesting section on the
> production of mss in India as well as a introduction to the standard
> principles of critical editing. The bibliographical reference is:
> R. S. Shivaganesha Murthy (1996): "Introduction to Manuscriptology",
> Publishing House, Delhi.
> The publisher's address is: Sharada Publishing House, 40, Anand Nagar,
> Inderlok, Delhi 110035, India, tel. 5117390 and 5116763 (one probably has
> to predial +91-11- for New Delhi).
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