Re:       AW: Medieval Indian clothing?

Somadeva Vasudeva Somadevah at AOL.COM
Wed Dec 10 12:17:27 UTC 2003

 *Can anyone recommend good sources on the clothing of medieval India?

There are fairly detailed descriptions of costume in the Bhaavaprakaa"sana of 
"Saaradaatanaya. For instance 10.179—186 gives an unflattering description of 
the appearance of the seven "tribal" Vaibhaa.sika castes etc. Of course these 
describe the literary universe (na.tyadharma) and not ordinary life 
(lokadharma). "Saaradaatanaya is to me easier to understand than Naa.tya"saastra plus 
(corrupt) Abhinavabhaaratii.

Somdev Vasudeva

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