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Dear Colleagues,

This may be of interest.

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From: "Andres Montano" <amontano at virginia.edu>
Subject: Jeffrey Hopkins' Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary available for downloading
Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003

Dear H-Buddhism members:

A digital version of Jeffrey Hopkins' Tibetan-Sanskrit-English Dictionary is
now available for free download on several formats. Even though the
dictionary is an unfinished product and many entries still need to be
revised, it is a useful resource for scholars working with Tibetan sources.

The formats available are:

1. Tomeraider format. You can download tomeraider from www.tomeraider.com.
You can find Jeffrey Hopkins' dictionary on www.memoware.com by searching
for "Jeffrey Hopkins Dictionary". This version allows easy browsing of the
dictionary in Tibetan alphabetical order. Tomeraider runs on most platforms
including handheld devices like pocket-pc's and palmPilots. The display is
done in the wylie transliteration scheme.

2. Using the Tibetan Translation Tool. This Java tool takes Tibetan language
passages - which can be cut and pasted in, typed in Wylie transliteration,
or typed in Tibetan script - and divides the passages up into their
component phrases and words, and displays corresponding dictionary
definitions. Runs also on most platforms including handheld devices as

See http://www.people.virginia.edu/~am2zb/tibetan/

* You can use the Translation Tool to access on-line databases (which
include the latest version of both Jeffrey Hopkins' Dictionary and the
Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dharma Dictionary).

* You can also download Jeffrey Hopkins' Dictionary into your hard-drive and
access it through the Tibetan Translation Tool running locally.

I exhort other Tibetan dictionary writers who want to give on-line access to
their dictionaries through the Translation Tool to write me off the list.

Please forward this message to students and scholars not on this list who
may find this information useful.

        Andres Montano
        Graduate Student
        Religious Studies Dept, University of Virginia

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Best regards,

 Richard Mahoney

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