Thanks & Hindu marriage mantras, please?

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These specific lines are not attested in the RV [10.85] or AV [AVZ 14.1 and
2] vivaaha hymns.  Besides the places cited by Peter, see also Azv. gR. s.

In general, also see Kane's *History of Dharmazaastra* vol 2, part 1,
Chapter 9 on marriage.  In particular see p. 527ff. where the AGS passage is
translated and discussed in detail.

The AGS passage also cites the saptapadii 'ekamiiSe viSNustvaam nayatu....'

Kane cites all of the variants.

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George Thompson
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Subject: Thanks & Hindu marriage mantras, please?

Thanks to all who responded to my query re: Vishvanath Temple.

I have another problem, a bit funny, perhaps.

Be, please, patient with me and help me with locating the source of the
famous mantra used during the marriage ceremony (panigrahana).

This I am, that art thou,
That indeed, art thou, this, yea, This I am.
I, the heaven, thou, the earth,
I am saman, thou are rik,
Let us marry, let us marry here.
Let us join together and beget our little ones,
Loving each other, desirous of moral splendour,
With genial minds and hearts,
Thus, yea, thus may we live,
Through a hundred autumns.

And - what is the source of the mantra repeated during the saptapadi?

Thanking you in advance

Artur Karp

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