Thanks & Hindu marriage mantras, please?

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Taittiriya Brahmana 3.7.9, Apastamba Srauta Sutra 9.2.3, Ap. M.B.
1.3.14 (Ap G 2.4.17.
The sequence of steps of the marriage are described in
marriage-ceremony manuals (vivaha-paddhati) and in collections of the
samskaras.  A readily available study of these is by
Rajbali Pandey.  Hindu Samskaras. Motilal Banarsidass, 2d. 1969, Reprint: 1993.

p. 218 describes the pani-grahana

>Be, please, patient with me and help me with locating the source of the
>famous mantra used during the marriage ceremony (panigrahana).
>This I am, that art thou,
>That indeed, art thou, this, yea, This I am.
>I, the heaven, thou, the earth,
>I am saman, thou are rik,
>Let us marry, let us marry here.
>Let us join together and beget our little ones,
>Loving each other, desirous of moral splendour,
>With genial minds and hearts,
>Thus, yea, thus may we live,
>Through a hundred autumns.
>And - what is the source of the mantra repeated during the saptapadi?
>Thanking you in advance
>Artur Karp
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