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>Subject: query: dvarapala puja
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>Dear Colleagues,
>In the SaptazatI MS (17th-18th century) belonging to the Tessitori
>Collection in Udine, the older part - the last two folios being far
>more recent - ends with a brief series of numbered mantra-s of
>unequal length terminating in " Iti duArapAlapUjAH 14 // " [sic].
>These lines come after the first ten (incomplete) stanzas of the
>Laghustotra, which in turn immediately follow the text of the
>devI-mAhAtmya proper.
>These "dvArapAla-PUjA" mantra-s appear to be set quite some ways
>apart (the number of misreadings is much higher) from the previous
>sections, though the handwriting is not all that much later. Does
>anyone know if they are to be found elsewhere? They do not figure in
>any of the DM editions I have within my reach, and I am wondering
>just how consistent with the DM is their inclusion in the MS.
>With my very best regards,
>Alex Passi
Friend Ishll make comment on the topic after having a proper referance to
Devimahatmya and Laghu Stotra.I cant follow wht MD which indicated in your
mail.Youcan expect my replay soon.
                      jaganadhan.G ,reserch scholor Department of Sanskrit
university of Kerala.Kariavatom

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