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Ashok Aklujkar aklujkar at INTERCHANGE.UBC.CA
Fri Apr 18 05:07:49 UTC 2003


As far as I know, V. Raghavan's papers have gone to:
Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute
84 Thiru Vi. Ka. Rd., Mylapore
Chennai 600 004

I am certain that Raghavan made several notes regarding the mss he thought
were important. Whether he produced complete or nearly complete handlists (I
cannot imagine even V. Raghavan to be able to identify the contents of all
mss) is, as far as I know, yet to be determined. Writing to the director of
KSRI may clarify the situation.

ashok aklujkar

On 2003-04-15 12:21, "Allen W Thrasher" <athr at LOC.GOV> wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good contact at the NCC in Chennai to ask if V.
> Raghavan made handlists of certain libraries' mss?

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