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Mon Sep 30 21:33:38 UTC 2002

My daer Sirs:
I am requesiting for your help. Dr. Prasada Gokhale, had how the follow discoveries:
1.- In Mohenjodaro, table dated 2600 B.C. is found which depicts Lord Krishna in his cildhood days. (Agrawal, V.S. India in the days of Panini, 1953 apud. mackay s report part I)
2.- On one excavation from Egytian Pyramid, date 3000 B. C., is found engraved a verse of Bhagavad-gita. (Nava Bharata 18-4-67)
Some body of your educated persons could give me more infortmation about this founds????.
Horacio F. Arganis
U A deC
www.uadec. org

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