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In the performance of the Brahmayajna, one recites the initial lines of each Veda and Vedaanga.  However, in the recitation of the Vedas themselves, in Maharashtra, they start with "hari.h OM."  It is possible that the verse refers to the recitation of OM at the beginning of Vedapaa.tha as some sort of zaanti.  Best,
                                                           Madhav Deshpande

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> Friends:
> Manu 4.125 has the term niSkarSam. The meaning is unclear; most
> commentators take it to mean the "essence" of the Veda, i.e. OM. I am
> uncomfortable with this explanation; the verse is somewhat opaque. If
> Manu wanted to say that one should say OM before reciting the Veda,
> there were easier ways to say so; and he does so in Ch 2. The term
> means an extract, and I wonder whether it could be a brief passage of
> each Veda that can stad for the whole.
> My question is whether any of you know a custom of reciting, say, the
> first words of each Veda before doing the svaadhyaaya of one's own
> Veda. Thanks.
> Patrick

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