Mt. cittakUTa

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I quote the following from: K.D.Bajpai (gen.ed.). "The Geographical Encyclopaedia of Ancient
and Mediaeval India", part 1. A-D.Varanasi, 1967, p. 95.

"The Pali sources refer to it as Citta-KUTa mountain in Himavamta
region round Anottara lake (SNA II, 437*; ApadAna I. 50, 414). A
golden cave KANcanaguhA on the top of thye mountain was famous for
the abode of the golden swans (JAtaka II, 107; III, 208, 247; IV, 424
etc.). The JAtaka stories explicitly refer tom it as a range of the
Himalayas. The lake Anottara has been identified with the
MAnasarovara by the majority of scholars (cf. Watters**, vol...., p.30;
Agrawala, Chakradhvaja, p. 35 ff.***). The KANcanaguhA of the CittakuTa
probabky tallies well in name as well as in geographical description
with the KANcanajanghA. It, therefore, seems likely to locate the
CittakUTa in the Himalayan region round the lake MAnasarovara in the
vicinity of the present peak KANcanjanghA".

*SNA - ? There is no such item in the "Abbreviations". Probably,
SaMyutta-nikAya (SN: 5 volumes, P.T.S.), with the SArathapakkAsInI
SaMyutta Commentary (SA).
**  Thomas Watters on Yuan Chwang's Travels in India.
*** V.S.Agrawala, Chakra-dhvaja, the Wheel Flag of India. Varanasi,

Hope this helps.
                                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

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> Dear list-members,
> the three Pali-versions of the HaMsajAtaka all mention Mt. cittakUTa. In the
> MahAhaMsajAtaka, this mountain is said to be in the Himalayas. I wonder if
> you have any information on a more precise location of this mountain. I
> would particularly be interested in knowing whether it might be in the
> vicinity of lake Manasarovar.
> Sincerely,
> Ulrich T. Kragh
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