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B. Reusch reusch at UCLINK.BERKELEY.EDU
Mon Sep 23 04:47:29 UTC 2002


Is the Rg Veda part of the curriculum in the university departments
that teach Sanskrit? If not, for what reasons the RV is not taught or
How many (introductory) courses on the RV are currently being taught?
How many dissertations on the RV are currently under way?

Another, related topic. The theories and methodologies used by the
scholars who teach or have written on the RV.
So far, I have come up with the following list. (Please feel free to
correct me.)

1. Descriptions or explications of what is explicitly found in the RV
text or in commentarial Sanskrit literature (Brahmanas, Sayana, etc.)
    a. Studies of mythology
    b. Studies of rituals
2. Philology: an effort to bring out the non-explicit
    a. linguistic reconstruction (phonology, word morphology, grammar,
syntax, semantics)
    b. poetics & literary theory
    c. theory-based interpretation (eg. Bergaigne, Brereton's Nasadiya
article, etc.)
    d. socio-historical reconstruction
    e. psychological reconstruction
    f. phenomenological reconstruction

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the matter. Thanks.

Beatrice Reusch

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