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Someone outside of he network has sent me a query here attached. If
anyone can help him, please reply directly to Denis Fey. Thanks.


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>Subject: Sadhana catustaya
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>Dr. Olivelle:
>Perhaps, you or someone you know, to whom you might forward this,
>could help me:
>Presently, I am trying to locate Sankara's sources (if any) for the
>so-called "four requirements" for the study of Vedanta (sadhana
>catustaya).  As you know, these appear in Upadesasahasri (II.1.2;
>and variously) and in Brahmasutrabhasya (I.1.1), which are
>considered authentic, and with more development in the less
>authentic prakarana granthas, Atmanatma viveka, Vivekachudamani,
>Tattva-bodha, and Aparoksanubhuti.  The commonly seen list:
>Sadhana catustaya (from Tattva-bodha):
>1. viveka
>2. vairAgya
>3. Six sub-qualifications: Sama, dama, uparama, titikshA, SraddhA,
>and samAdhAnam.
>4. Mumukshutvam
>Especially in Brahmasutrabhasya I.1.1, Sankara appears to be
>pointing to some antecedent works, suggesting he is not the original
>author of the four-fold scheme.
>If so, can you tell me what works or authors might be the source of
>these antecedents?
>Gratefully and respectfully yours,
>Dennis Fey
>2533 Asbury Avenue
>Evanston, Illinois 60201

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