utf-skt works & Unicode for Mac users

Richard Mahoney rbm49 at EXT.CANTERBURY.AC.NZ
Mon Oct 14 19:35:16 UTC 2002

On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 10:53:59AM -0700, B. Reusch wrote:

> I checked Juergen's web site and cannot figure out how in the world I
> would use those programs in OS X.

It seems to me that if you have not previously used TeX or LaTeX then
moving to this setup would be `non trivial' but well worth it ;-)

I have no experience with OS X but a search on Google gave this
link. It lists your options if you wish to experiment:


If you do decide to put teTeX on your machine then apart from TeX and
LaTeX you will also have access to ConTeXt. ConTeXt can produce very
high quality PDFs. For details and examples see:



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