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Wed Oct 9 19:57:05 UTC 2002

On Wed, 9 Oct 2002, Quessel, Burkhard wrote:

> There is another title that should be on the list:
> Author:        Rospatt, Alexander von.
> Title:         The Buddhist doctrine of momentariness : a survey
>                   of the origins and early phase of this doctrine up to
>                   Vasubandhu / Alexander von Rospatt.
> Published:     Stuttgart : F. Steiner Verlag, 1995.

There a recent dissertation that should be of interest:

The ksanabhangasiddhi-anvayatmika : an eleventh-century Buddhist work on
existence and causal theory / Jeson Woo.
Publisher:      1999.
Description:    Book
xii, 280 p. ; 29 cm

The Nyaya school also has some interesting positions on the duration of a
moment.  I don't have specific references at hand, but ch. 3 ("Cognition")
in K.K. Chakrabarti's _CLASSICAL INDIAN PHILOSOPHY OF MIND_  provides good
introductory material, plus a good bibliography.

Tim Cahill

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