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> Can yo uplease provide a reference for the article by A. Lubotsky to which
> you refer.

Sorry.  I should have cited it fully, but I seem to be always in a hurry
these days.

Alexander Lubotsky: "The Indo-Iranian Substratum," in *Early Contacts between
Uralic and Indo-European: Linguistic and Archaeological Considerations
[Papers presented at an international symposium held atTvarminne Research
Station of the University of Helsinki 8-10 January, 1999]* edited by C.
Carpelan, A. Parpola & P. Koskikallio, published by Suomalais-Ugrilaisen
Seuren Toimituksia, Me'moires de la Socie'te' Finno-Ugrienne, no. 242,
Helsinki 2001.

In the same volume is another article of interest, by C. Carpelan and A.
Parpola: "Emergence, Contacts and Dispersal of Proto-Indo-European,
Proto-Uralic and Proto-Aryan in Archaeological Perspective."  There is much
discussion here of loan words from proto-IE and proto-Aryan into
proto-Uralic. If Asko Parpola is presently on the List, it would be
interesting to hear from him about these, as well as about the possibility of
loan words in the other direction [which are not mentioned in this article].

As for azvaghoSa, again, I have been a bit hasty, a bit elliptical, and
probably not a little tendentious.  I agree with Stefan Baums that within a
Buddhist context "horse-voiced" is preferable.  Similarly, buddhaghoSa, not
  at all "-eared"!  But in terms of reconstructing, from both the Iranian and
the Indic branches, what the meaning of the proto-form is in this unknown
substrate, it is impossible to decide whether "voice" or "ear" is preferable
[although Mayrhofer, KEWA I.364, asserts that 'Pferdeohe' is the older
meaning of this name].

In Old Persian 'gauSa' is always 'ear': Darius says [at DB 2.74] "Phraortes
was seized and led to me. I cut off his nose and ears [gauSA] and tongue..."

Well, I hope that this clarifies my previous post.

Best wishes,

George Thompson

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