Saka, Sakya and Buddhism

John Huntington huntington.2 at OSU.EDU
Thu Nov 21 16:37:31 UTC 2002

I have to agree.  could the principles in the discussion put together
a position presentation (very short) and let us see where it goes.

I for, one have no biases in either direction, it more a matter of
timing and historical context for me.

If we push the veil of history back far enough, we'll get back to the
African eve problem, and I do not think that is the point or the
purpose, rather closer ties would seem more appropriate.

What about the later phases of Iranian influence for example in
Kushan and post-Kushan thinking?

John .

>Speaking for myself, I don't find it at all tedious, and would
>welcome further  discussion on the list.
>Geoffrey Samuel
>>Anyway, I think this topic grows tedious to many list members. I shall be
>>happy to continue the discussion off the list.
>>Sumit Guha

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