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The latest issue of the Journal of the Pali Text Society (Vol. 
XXVII), is now available.
ISBN 0 86013 407 5. Price: 18.75 pounds sterling.

edited by O. von Hinueber and R.F. Gombrich


Notes on Sri Lankan Temple Manuscript Collections
by Anne M. Blackburn, pp. 1-59

Liinatthapakaasinii and Saaratthamañjuusaa : The and
the .Tiikaas on the Four Nikaayas
by Primoz Pecenko, pp. 61-113

A Study of the Campeyya Jaataka, Including Remarks on the Text of the
Sa"nkhapaala Jaataka
by Thomas Oberlies, pp.115-46

The Colophons of Burmese Manuscripts
by Heinz Braun, pp. 147-53

On a New Edition of the Syaamara.t.thassa Tepi.taka.t.thakathaa
by Peter Skilling, pp. 155-58

Some Citation Inscriptions from South-East Asia
by Peter Skilling, pp. 159-75
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