Sangam Tamil artefacts with Brahmi inscriptions

Asko Parpola Asko.Parpola at HELSINKI.FI
Fri Nov 8 18:26:42 UTC 2002

Dear Colleagues,
        I received today from Dr N. Kannan the following message, of which I am
forwarding some relevant parts. Dr Kannan and the Tamil Heritage
Foundation are making available digital images of new, sensational
discoveries of ancient Tamil artefacts partly going back to Sangam
times, many containing long Brahmi inscriptions. For the context of
these discoveries, I would like to refer to R. Nagaswamy's book "Roman
Karur" (Madras 1995), on the cover of which is depicted one of the gold
rings (with mithuna) now illustrated at this site. I have thanked Mr
Kannan for the great service The Tamil Heritage Foundation is doing to
scholarship. At the same time, I have stressed the importance of having
these objects examined by scientists in laboratories with high
credentials to make certain that the objects are genuine and to date
them more exactly.
        With best regards, AP

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Subject: You are invited to view our webpages
Date: Fri, 08 Nov 2002 13:55:10 +0100
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Dear Prof.Parpola:

Greetings from Germany and from Tamil Heritage Foundation

We are a non-political, non-governmental organization present in the
internet since November 8, 2002. We are interested in the digital
preservation of ancient Tamil manuscripts in India and elsewhere. We do
feature sections that deal with the antiquity of Dravidian civilization.
In such an effort we have opened a section at

One of the main feature of this section is the clay tablets of Sangam
period. I found them at Perur (near Coimbatore) in a religious monastry
cum Arts College. I discussed about these clay tablets with Tamilnadu
archeologists and other scholars.


Yours truely,
N.Kannan PhD

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