Insects in Buddhism

Jan Filipsky filipsky at SITE.CAS.CZ
Fri Nov 8 12:44:31 UTC 2002

Dear Netters,

a colleague of mine, who is not a member of Indology, has approached me

with a query regarding the approach of Buddhism towards insects, vermin

- apart from, and in addition to the general notion of "abandonment of
harm to sentient beings". He has in mind such instances as using
insecticides against vermin

destroying people<fontfamily><param>Tahoma</param>'</fontfamily>s crops
or killing "noxious" insects such as wasps or hornets

endangering human life, or farmers inadvertently killing dew-worms.

Are there any specific textual references to insects you may be aware

In appreciation of your metta and karuna,

Jan Filipsky

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