Buddhism as Iranian heresy?

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See for a start
Boyce, Mary. A history of Zoroastrianism. 3rd impression, with corrections.
Leiden ; New York : E.J. Brill, 1996,
and other works by Boyce--as I recall, she somewhere mentions possible
influences or at least parallels to Buddhism and includes references. I
don't know if anything more recent has appeared.
Joanna Kirkpatrick

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Subject: Buddhism as Iranian heresy?

> Mallory and Mair say in page 171 of _The Tarim Mummies_ that:
> "It might be recalled that the Buddha was Zakyamuni ('Sage of the Zakyas',
> i.e. the Sakas) and, within an Indic context, Buddhism was a kind of
> 'Iranian heresy'."
> I have never heard of Buddha's teaching linked with Iranians -- at least
> during his lifetime. Is this true?
> Dean Anderson, PhD

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