Rig Veda

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You can find online versions of his books at www.voi.org which will forward
you to http://www.bharatvani.org/

The specific book you are looking for is at:

To my knowledge, Shrikant Talageri not a Dr. but a bank clerk.

It would also be useful to read Dr. Michael Witzel's review of Talageri's
book at:
http://www1.shore.net/~india/ejvs/ejvs0702/ejvs0702a.txt for the first of 3
parts in HTML format
for the whole thing in PDF format.

Talageri wrote a response to Witzel although I don't have a reference for

I think you will find it a rather, uh, interesting exchange.

Dean Anderson, PhD

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> Dear Friends:
> I am looking the web site of Dr. Talegeri historical analysis of Rig
> Do you know this place???
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