Valerie J Roebuck vjroebuck at MACUNLIMITED.NET
Sat Nov 2 08:08:08 UTC 2002

Dear Mr Arganis

"Paulkasa" is mentioned, paired with "CaNDAla", in bRhadAraNyaka
upaniSad IV.3.22.

I presume you are already using the mAnavadharmazAstra.

>My dear Sirs:

Please note that some of us "Sirs" are "Madams"!

Dr Valerie J Roebuck
Manchester, UK

>Namaste. I am looking references about the Sabaras people and
>Pulkasas. Some of your erudite  persons had references of them??
>Are they mentioned in the Mahabharata? could your send the number of
>quotes??? geographical ubiactions, etc???
>Horacio Francisco Arganis
>U A de C.
>http://www.latinmail.com.  Gratuito, latino y en espaÒol.

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