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Yaroslav Vassilkov yavass at YV1041.SPB.EDU
Tue May 28 08:42:26 UTC 2002

Dear John,
        it's good news to hear that you have been awarded a Research Felllowship. Congratulations!
What I need is a piece of advice. Do you think I might apply for the replacement post, or perhaps
it is not worth trying? Surely, there is a great distance between Russia and Britain, there may
arise problems with the work permit and so on, and I would hate to waste precious time and do a lot
of paperwork for a hopeless cause. But the opportunity itself is so tempting... What do you think about it?
        Please give my best regards to Mary. By the way, the story of the golden deer, which she deals with
in her RO article, seems to be represented on one of the Pre-Mauryan bronze "rattle-mirrors" from
Scythian barrows of South Siberia, which constitute one of the objects of my study now.
        With all good wishes

Tue, 23 Apr 102 18:41 +0300 MSK John Brockington wrote to INDOLOGY at liverpool.ac.uk:

>  Dear Colleagues,
> First of all, my apologies that this will not be relevant to all of you,
> because of distance.

Yaroslav Vassilkov (yavass at YV1041.spb.edu)
Institute of Oriental Studies
Tue, 28 May 102 10:50 +0300 MSK

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