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Among all the terrible news of V.S. 2058, it is however with a sense of
accomplishment that we can look back to more than30 years of the
Nepal-German Manuscript Preservation Project. The project, begun by the
late Prof.s Janert and Kolver in 1970,  has been officially  concluded this

The project has virtually shaped a whole generation of German Sanskritists
(and Tibetologists) in providing a long and sustained experience of a
living Hindu and Buddhist culture that was, until some decades ago, almost
untrammeled by outside influences.

Those who  have participated in the project have experienced the "Kathmandu
High" of an exhilarating nature and climate, and the warmth of the Nepalese
people, and they look back, with gratitude, to their stay in Nepal as some
of,  if not as   t h e   best years of their lives.

At the occasion of the conclusion of  microfilming -- the project continues
apace with more detailed cataloguing--  a sort of Festschrift dedicated to
the project has been brought out as Vol. XII of the JNRC -- this journal
being another outcome of the activities of the project and of its members.

The volume contains papers by many of the participants of the NGMPP and by
a few specially invited scholars.

Details below.


Journal of the Nepal Research Centre Vol. XII
Wiesbaden (F. Steiner Verlag) 2001;  pp.  3, 319


A. Wezler: Preface

M. Aklujkar: Was a Full Recension of the Brhatkatha Available in Nepala in
the 19th century?

K. Bhattacharya: For a New Edition of the Mahayanasutralamkara

H. Brinkhaus: Santikara's Nagasudhana in the Svayambhupurana: A Medieval
Legend of a Rain Charm in the Nepal Valley

C. Cuppers: A Letter Written by the Fifth Dalai Lama to the King of Bhaktapur

M.S. G. Dyczkowski: The Inner Pilgrimage of the Tantras: The sacred
geography of the Kubjika Tantras with reference to the Bhairava and Kaula

K.-F. Ehrhardt: Religious geography and Literary Traditions: The Found
ation of the Monastery  Brag-dkar bsam-ling

E. Garzilli:  A Sanskrit letter written by Sylvain Levi in 1923 to Hemaraja
Sarma along with Some Hitherto Unknown Biographical Notes (Cultural
Nationalism and Internationalism in the First half of the 20th Century:
Famous Indologists Write to the Raj Guru of Nepal -  No.1)

R. Grunendahl: A Plea for an Integrated Approach towards Manuscript Cataloguing

B. Kolver and M.R. Pant: Two Recent Documents from Nepal

K.-D. Mathes: The High Mountain Valley of Nar (Manang) in the 17th Century
according to Two Tibetan Autobiographies

A. von Rospatt: A Historical Overview of the Renovations of the
Svayambhucaitya at Kathmandu

A. Wezler (in cooperation with D. Acharya, Kathmandu): Bhiksu Haribhadra's
Vibhaktikarika: An Unknown Grammatical Text Edited with A brief
Introduction (First Part)

M. Witzel: Medieval Veda Tradition as Reflected in Nepalese Manuscripts

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