Classical Tamil Winter School

Dominic Goodall ddsg at SATYAM.NET.IN
Mon May 6 08:16:11 UTC 2002


by the Pondicherry Centre of the Ecole française d'Extrême-Orient  (EFEO)
will take place in Pondicherry from 20th January - 15th February 2003

The students and researchers who participate will spend four weeks on the
study of classical Tamil, in the Pondicherry Centre of the EFEO.
Participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of modern Tamil or
another Dravidian language. We hope they will end the course able to read
some ancient and medieval Tamil literature. The first five days of the week
will be devoted to language and literature. The mornings will be reserved
for grammar lessons given by two European scholars, exercises and necessary
preparations for the next day and afternoon readings. The afternoons are to
be devoted to the reading of classical texts with the Tamil pandits of the
EFEO. Experts will lecture during the course. There will be plenty of
opportunities for direct contact with Tamil culture because of the location
of the centre.

Two complementary approaches to the texts will be offered---traditional and
occidental---and thus the opportunity to learn from both.  We hope that the
CTWS will contribute to the training of future generations of scholars.

The address of the website giving all the necessary information will be
provided within a fortnight.

Dr. Dominic Goodall,
Centre de Pondichéry,
19 rue Dumas,
P.O. Box 151,
Pondichéry 605001,

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