XXIII Zograph Conference

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Wed May 1 12:25:56 UTC 2002

Dear colleagues,
        please find below the programm of our 2002 annual conference on Classical Indology.
Just to let you know what goes on in our field here, in Russia.

XXIII Zograph Memorial Conference
"Traditional Indian Texts: Problems of interpretation".
Institute of Oriental Studies, St.Petersburg,
April 24-26, 2002.

Wednesday, April 24

Mikhail N. Bogolyubov (SPb University). Ancient Indian khAra, khArI f. 'a measure
        of capacity'.
Tatiana Ya. Elizarenkova (IOS, Moscow). On the terms for 'man' in the Rgveda.
Yulia M. Alikhanova (Moscow University). Epic tale of the royal hunt and the story
        of Shakuntala.
Alexandr M.Dubiansky (Moscow University). On the so called "maidens of Cur" in
        Tamil classical poetry.

Wednesday, April 24

Nikita V.Gurov (SPb University). The Deccan shepherds' "Code of Chivalry" ("Rules
        of Fair Fight"' in Indian Epic poetry).
Svetlana L.Neveleva (IOS, SPb). Once more on the genre of the "Epic hymn".
Dmitry N.Lelyukhin (IOS, Moscow). References to the Mahabharata in Early Indian
Maria I.Petrova (IOS, SPb). The Tale of RSyazringa: Seduction of Hermit as a Plot in
        Ancient Indian Literature.
Olga N.Krylova  (SPb University). NarmadA-mAhAtmya in the KUrma-PurANa.

Thursday, April 25.

Tamara P.Selivanova (IOS, SPb). Landowners in Mediaeval Kashmir.
Maxim A.Rusanov (Moscow University). Descriptions of everyday life in
        Damodaragupta's "KuTTanI-mata" (8th cent. AD).
Svetlana O.Tsvetkova (SPb University).The meaning of "nyAya" in Late Mediaeval
Kseniya D.Nikol'skaya (Moscow University). The Structure of Space in the
Maxim A.Voroshilov (IOS, SPb). Omens foretelling the unsuccessful cure (according
        to the ASTANga-hRdaya-saMhitA).

Thursday, April 25.

Audrius Beinorius (Vilnius University, Lithuania). Cosmopsycological aspects of the
        Sanskrit alphabet in Kashmiri Shaivizm.
Victoria A. Dmitrieva (SPb). "Spanda-kArikA": the Problem of Authorship.
Victoria G.Lyssenko (Institute of Philosophy, Moscow). Two concepts of motion
        (karman, kriyA): VyAkaraNa and VaizeSika.
Sergei S.Tawaststjerna (SPb University). VarNa and the phoneme.

Friday, April 26.

Andrei V.Paribok (SPb University). The Technique of "Semantic Shift" in Indian
Vladimir B.Korobov (Vilnius University, Lithuania). PrajnAparamitA and
        Abhidharma: Two Modes of Attention.
Raisa N.Krapivina (IOS, SPb). DharmakAya in the "AbhisamayAlaMkAra" by
Nadezhda V.Khomutinnikova (IOS, SPb). "The Community of Boddhisattvas" (acc.to the 1st Chapter of the
Veronika A.Meshkeris (Inslitute of the History of Material Culture, SPb). Indian sources of the ancient
        Central Asian musical instruments.

Friday, April 26.

Yaroslav V.Vassilkov (IOS, SPb). The Baltic Key to the Problem of Indo-Iranian *Vayu and Gogolean Viy.
Tatiana A.Dubianskaya (Moscow University). Didactics in Early Indian Novel.
Elena N.Uspenskaya (Anthropology and Ethnography Museum, SPb). Majorat among the Rajputs.
Svetlana I.Ryzhakova (Anthropology and Ethnography Institute, Moscow).  PUjA to Tista-Buri
        and the Tukha songs (Rajbansi tradition). (Illustrated by videofilms).

Yaroslav Vassilkov (yavass at YV1041.spb.edu)
Institute of Oriental Studies
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