A New Modern KAvya

Daniela Rossella ghezziem at TIN.IT
Thu Jun 13 06:08:36 UTC 2002

Dearest all, I'm glad to announce, on the name of Professor Rasik Joshi,
that a new Kavya of him has been published by Delhi Chaukhamba Sanskrit
Pratisthan:  Sri-Ramapratapa-vacanaamrtam. It is in three volumes (1700
pages).Vol.I is Vedanta-vimarsah (Studies in Vedanta), Vol.II is
Bhagavata-vimarsah Studies in the Bhagavata Purana) and Vol.III is a  Stotra
Kavya "Kalpa-lataa" with Hindi and English translation. On this Kavya
Professor Joshi has written too a his one new Sanskrit commentary, also
translated in Hindi and English.

I think that all subscribers surely will be interested in this wonderful

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